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Booze Cruises


What’s the cheapest way to buy alcohol for Brits? Booze Cruises! In France you can buy your favourite tipple for much cheaper than in the UK. However, in order to actually make the trip work out financially, you’ll need a good plan for: where to go? How to get there? Are there any shops or supermarkets that are actually selling the products you like? We’ve got the answers below!

With prices starting from £30* return per person (including the ferry tickets) you can have a great day out and save money ahead of the festive season all at once!

Here’s our pick of the destinations:


Dover to Calais:

One of the most popular destinations. Easy to get to, with a few popular large supermarkets like Carrefour, Match, Intermarché and Calais Vins (62100).

Top supermarket for alcohol: Calais Vins (62100)

The great thing about this shop is that it’s all about wines, champagnes, beers and ciders. You will find wines starting from €1.99, beers from €1.20 and champagnes for €3! Good wines and champagnes starts from 4 or 5 Euros, so the savings are big!

Portsmouth to Cherbourg:

Here within a few miles from the port you can buy great value alcohol and amazing food in Carrefour (50130), Intermarché(50110) and E.Leclerc (50110).

Top Cheese supermarket: Intermarché (50110)

You can find a wide selection of great French cheese in Intermarché, as well as other delicious French regional specialities for a good price.

Newhaven to Dieppe:

Within a few minutes’ drive you can find two large supermarkets (76200; 76370), not only will your trip be cheaper, as the shops are so close to the port, but you will also have time to go on a little tour around the city, check out the church ‘Notre Dame de Bonsecours’, castle ‘Chateau Musee de Dieppe’ or an amazing garden ‘Jardin Agapanthe’.

Top food supermarketE.Leclerc (76370)

You will absolutely fall in love with this shop. Their wide selection of cheese, ham and seafood is delicious and at a good price!

Poole to St Malo:

This city is full of Carrefours so even if you are lost you will definitely find one on your way, don’t worry! (35400; 35800).

Top supermarket for everything: Carrefour (35400)

Carrefour is one of the most popular supermarkets among booze cruisers. You can get almost anything there! Cheap wine, food and gifts. If you are a first time tripper, go there for your first trip.

Whether you live up north, in London or the Midlands, with our thousands of vehicles in the UK we are more than happy to take you there. Either to the port or all the way to France, with your family or friends we are able to make your trip as easy as possible. Our dedicated teams will help with planning! Just give us a call on 0203 397 4460 or get an online quote


*Price based on 49 seat coach return from London to Calais via Dover Ferry. Including 72 hour ferry return at economy travel times.