6 best coaches & buses in film & TV

6 best coaches & buses in film & TV

08/13/2018 | 0 comments | by maxwoodhead

6. Holiday on the Buses

Holiday on the buses is a 1973 spin-off from TV Show ‘On the Buses’ starring Reg Varney. Stan and Jack seek work at a bus driving holiday camp, only to find out that Inspector Blake is working there. Certainly, a film to watch. 

5. The Runaway Bus

The Runaway Bus is a 1954 British comedy film produced by Val Guest. With flights cancelled at Heathrow Airport, bus driver Percy Lamb has the unenviable task of driving the passengers to an unaffected airport. When driving the bus, Percy Lamb soon finds out that he has a lot of interesting characters on his bus during the trip. A great showcase for the power of the bus for bringing people together from all walks of life!

4. Get on the Bus

Aa 1996 drama about a group of African-Americans who board a bus to attend the Million Man March in Washington DC. Though they are complete strangers, they exchange stories and experiences which soon unite them and shows what it was like to be black in America. Another great example of the bonds built by passengers on a long coach journey.

3. The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus is a 1994 American TV series in which an eccentric school-teacher takes her class on wondrous educational field trips with the help of a magical school bus.

2. Coach Trip

Coach Trip is a British reality game show broadcast on Channel 4. This show consists of four to seven teams undertaking a coach tour around Europe, with passengers remaining on the tour until they are rejected by fellow companions. Think Love Island without the bikinis... or weather... at least until season 14: The Road to Ibiza, where the difference between the two is becoming increasingly blurred!

1. Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump includes a vast amount of memorable bus scenes; while on the school bus, Forrest meets two of his best friends (Jenny and Bubba) who pop in and out of his story throughout the film. The bus stop is an easily missed but important part of the narrative, providing Forrest with the platform to tell his incredible life story.

These are just a few of the films and programmes that showcase the power of the coach & bus to bring people together and facilitate the building of bonds between passengers. Perhaps more often considered less film-worthy than the train or cruise-liner, we think it's high time to celebrate this great transport option in all its glory!