Cadet Winton Fencing Competition

Cadet Winton Fencing Competition

10/26/2017 | 0 comments | by maxwoodhead Supports the 30th Anniversary of the Cadet Winton Fencing Competition

The Cadet Winton fencing competition is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year on the 16th and 17th December. have partnered with the London regional team since 2014 to ensure a safe and comfortable journey to and from the competition.

The event, for fencers aged 18 and under, was founded by the humanitarian Sir Nicholas Winton who organised the rescue of 669 children from Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War. It provides a unique opportunity for both boys’ and girls’ teams from ten regions across England to compete in events across six weapons, including épée, foil and sabre, promoting teamwork and a healthy, competitive spirit. are providing subsidised transport for the team representing London this year: “It is great to have the support of This is the fourth successive year that we have used the company to transport our fencers from London to Somerset and back again and

they and their drivers are very much a part of our team.

We are again sending strong teams to Cadet Winton this year and we are looking forward to an enjoyable and successful 30th anniversary event for London.” says Cadet Winton London organiser, Caroline Woollard.’s expertise in safeguarded school transport makes them an ideal partner for the event, which will see fencers aged between 13 and 18 traveling to Millfield School to compete.

Mathew Hassell, Managing Director at says, “We are proud to support the competition and young fencers across the UK. We’re always keen to support initiatives that promote sport and teamwork for children and young adults. We wish for the ongoing success of the event and hope we can support it in years to come.”