Christmas Party Theme


Christmas Party Theme

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Office Christmas Party – Type of party


When organising a Christmas party for your employees, you need to take into consideration 3 important things: type/theme of party, venue and transport. We'll cover these three in upcoming posts in order to give you a deeper insight into each and help you organise your work Christmas Party.

Type of party:

It is not as easy as it sounds. You might well think “well it’s a Christmas Party so the theme would be anything associated with Christmas”. Where's your sense of adventure? Nowadays employees expect much more from their employers. Your staff have been working hard the whole year, and this is your chance to show how much you value them.

Themes! Whilst organising your Christmas venue you need to think of a theme that fits the venue. Whether it's  a ball, everybody dressed in 20s outfits, a 3 course dinner, karaoke, singing carols or 70s disco party.The best place to start on your theme is (boringly enough) your budget in order to avoid spiraling costs:

The best theme for small budgets

For small companies we recommend sharing your event. You can share the venue with another company, usually another small or medium sized start-up, in order to split the overheads and even boost the atmosphere. If you're really strapped for budget, consider the alternatives to organising a party - remember the whole reason behind Office Christmas Parties is the appreciation of your employees - so consider granting them all an extra day off before Christmas, so they can do their last shopping or failing that; gift vouchers for each employee.

The best theme for medium budgets

Medium sized companies can also benefit from sharing the venue, where you pay half the price, so you can invest more in the food or entertainment. We recommend a decade theme like '20s or '70s which shouldn't require a huge outlay for you or your employees - I’m sure all of us still have some clothes from the 70s! Don't forget the most crucial part - a disco ball, which you can buy for 20 quid! Add a Guitar Hero section, lava lamps and hippie decorations and you're good to boogie on down! It is also a great excuse for people to jump in a kitschy outfits and have fun dancing to hits from '70s.

The best theme for big budgets

Are you Google? Apple perhaps? Big budget companies can do pretty much whatever they want! Perhaps a full blown ball, in a huge facility, with a good selection of food and drinks. Remeber, though, companies with big budgets shouldn't skimp on the entertainment! You should hire a famous singer or DJ, like Deutsche Bank did hiring Robbie Williams, which set them back about £750K. Or you can go all out for Prince who wants at least a £million for his presence! Nevertheless, you can easily hire a famous singers for around 100k, so really you've got no excuse!

For some of our favourite venues, tune in for our next post

Size of your company. The party you plan really depends on the size of your company. Unless you're a big company, booking an entire venue could be overkill, hurting your finances and detracting from the atmosphere of the event. However, small and medium sized companies can overcome these issues by sharing the venue with another small company or two, check out Pretty Clever Events for a great place to set this type of event up. Don't let transport be an issue for your party! Whether you need 20 coaches to transport your workforce there and back or a smaller company looking to keep costs low, our unique cost sharing system means you can split the cost amongst sharing companies or individual passengers - taking all the pain out of organising the finances.

Check our fleet to pick the vehicle that suits your needs!

The type of party is the first thing you should think of, as if you know your theme the location will be much easier to find. Don’t forget to read our upcoming posts about the top locations for Christmas Parties and transport. If you have any questions or already know where you want to go; give us a call on 0203 397 4460 or get a fast online quote from