Christmas Party Transport

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Christmas Party Transport

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Low Cost Christmas Transport Options


As a continuation of our sequence of posts about Corporate Christmas Parties (themes & locations), this time we are giving you an insight into transport, which is often seen as the least of your problems, but can be wrongly left until the last moment.

After you figure out what you want to do and where you want to go you’ll need to transport your 10, 100 or 1000s employees to and from the event.

For large-sized groups, coaches might seem the best solution due to their capacity, however for flexibility you may well find minibus shuttles more suitable. The three transport options we recommend for your delegates are shuttles, exec/VIP coach or a full, managed journey solution.

Minibus Shuttle

By shuttle we mean that you hire one or two minibuses between the venue and a central location at the start and end of the event at certain time slots. That gives you flexibility for leaving times and ensures no one is left waiting for more than 10 or 15 minutes at the end of the night. Ideal for those making further journeys before or after.

Coach Single Trip

A return trip by an executive or VIP coach fitted with TVs, provides you the opportunity to show a video roundup of the year or a thank you whilst heading to a venue that’s further afield. The benefit of the single trip is that everyone gets to the event at the same time, perfect if you’re running to a tight deadline.

Managed Journey Solution

If your transport requirements are more complicated or you are at all unsure of how you want to proceed; our industry experts will put together a bespoke solution for your event. Our teams can organise the event and monitor on the day either from our regional offices or use our on-site marshals. For more information read about our Gala Bingo event where we planned and supplied transport for more than 6,000 passengers on over 100 vehicles.


Here’s some of the expected journey times and recommended transport options for the great venues we covered in our last post


Transfers between: The Sheridan – Manchester Piccadilly Station

Estimated time: 10min

Transport: With such a short journey time, a single minibus could run your shuttles with no one waiting more than 20 minutes maximum.


Transfers between: The Sheridan –Watford centre

Estimated time: 3h 30min

Transport: For trips over two hours, the single trip or managed journey option are best suited. With a single trip from A to B your delegates can arrive all at one time. If you need to collect your employees from several different locations across the UK to a single or multiple venues, we recommend our managed journey solution. You can rely have our experts!


Transfers between: LSO St Luke’s – Kings Cross station

Estimated time: 18min

Transport: For an 18 minute trip; think shuttles, offering flexibility for your employees, as they can leave at different times. Maximum waiting time with two vehicles would be only 9 mins.


Transfers between: LSO St Luke’s –Watford centre

Estimated time: 1h

Transport: It is really up to you, whether you want to do shuttles, so the waiting time would be about 30min with one minibus and 15 min with two minibuses or hire just one coach or two, and everyone gets there at the same time. The route goes next to Emirates Stadium, so make sure there are no matches at the day of your party.


Transfers between: LSO St Luke’s – St. Albans centre

Estimated time: 1h 20min

Transport: We would recommend a single trip, carrying your employees down the M1 and back. However, if you require flexible arrival or leaving times, three small to medium size shuttles would offer the optimal travel and turn-around-time combination.


Transfers between: Willow’s Farm – St. Albans centre

Estimated time: 15min

Transport: Keep costs low on this short journey with a single vehicle and driver running shuttles or minimise waiting time with a second driver and minibus.


Transfers between: Willow’s Farm – Watford centre

Estimated time: 20min

Transport: One or two minibuses’ shuttles or a coach. Up to you if your employees need different time of meeting time or they are all able to get there at one time. Also, the route goes next to Arsenal Football Club and Britain’s oldest Aircraft Museum, so maybe consider stopping in one of those.


 Transfers between: Willow’s Farm – London centre

Estimated time: 1h

Transport: Again one hour trip works best with 2 minibuses for whatever company size you are. For instance, if one group would leave at 18:30, they will arrive at 19:30. The second group would be picked up at 19:00 and arrive by 20. If you would have 3 minibuses, the waiting time would be 15min less.



Remember! to book your transport as early as possible, Christmas time is extremely busy for coaches and minibuses, not only because of all the Corporate Christmas parties but also because of people traveling on ski holidays.


Once you make your plans on the type of the party and its location, give us a call on 0203 397 4460 or get an online quote at to compare prices and select the best offer. With our 15,000+ vehicles and last minute and emergency cover we are able to cater for all your transportation needs. Whether you require standard, executive or VIP transport, we have vehicles in 100 cities worldwide, so wherever you choose for your location we can take you there, so please, put us to the test!