Transport2 offers critical frontline staff an alternative transport solution during COVID-19 outbreak

Transport2 offers critical frontline staff an alternative transport solution during COVID-19 outbreak

03/19/2020 | 0 comments | by maxwoodhead

Transport2, the market-leading provider of transport management services behind the and Kura brands, has today launched an emergency package for businesses, designed to support staff unable to get to work due to disruptions to public transport.

Through its, Kura and Momentum Coach Hire brands, Transport2 will work alongside its nationwide network of shared transport operators to offer home-to-work shuttle services that will allow crucial frontline staff to travel to and from work safely.

In order to continue travelling to work safely, frontline staff across the UK are currently left with several options; commuting in their cars, catching the bus, a train or public services such as the London Underground. While all of these options are technically still viable, all come with their own set of risks, and recently-announced partial closures to services such as the London Underground mean that their usability decreases by the day.

However, with this new service Transport2 will provide an alternative means of transport to frontline staff affected by partial closures to public transport services. This means that as many as five million* staff, such as NHS and supermarket workers, that would usually use public transport will be able to continue to do what they need to throughout the epidemic.

Mathew Hassell, founder and CEO at Transport2, said:

In these uncertain times, many are self-isolating resulting in lower demand for bus, rail and taxi services, meaning that the ability for public transport systems to run as normal is currently under threat.

“While understandable, this causes huge problems for key staff as, unfortunately, not everybody is able to self-isolate during this crisis, such as the millions of NHS staff tirelessly working to keep us all safe during these trying times.

“Given our unparalleled national network of vehicles and operators already in place, we are uniquely positioned to support businesses that need to provide their staff with a safe, reliable way to travel to and from work each day. Simply enough, it has never been more crucial for our frontline staff to be able to get to work safely and efficiently, and we’re proud to play our part in keeping Britain going during these turbulent times.

Transport2 appreciates that many organisations are facing an uncertain future, so in order to support and help you through this period, it has introduced important improvements which can benefit businesses with key workers:

  1. Access to a virtual fleet of 40,000 vehicles, offering an unrivalled range of cars, minivans, minibuses and coaches. This allows companies to upgrade to a larger vehicle to ensure employees maintain the government-recommended social distancing procedures of remaining two metres apart from others.  
  1. Transport2 is also taking extra steps during this period to ensure that every vehicle is subject to an extra cleanliness check before being despatched from a depot: 
  1. Enhanced vehicle deep cleaning daily;
  2. All touch points (chair arms, handles etc) cleaned with disinfectant between jobs;
  3. Passenger seating check to ensure safe distancing guidelines being observed where numbers make this possible;
  4. Ensuring all vehicles are clear of old tissues/wipes prior to each service;
  5. Every passenger is encouraged to take their own tissues/wipes with them on board.
  1. Transport2, through its and Kura brands, safely transports thousands of children and company staff to school and the office on a daily basis, so is in a perfect position to help frontline teams, in critically important organisations like the NHS and MOD, get to and from work over the next few months.

If you would like more information on how Transport2 could help your business, contact us on [email protected] or call 020 3397 4460