Stag and Hen ideas

Stag and Hen ideas

09/07/2015 | 0 comments | by admin


What to do on your Hen/Stag night?


As an addition to our previous post on where to go on your Hen/Stag night we are giving you 5 ideas on what to do to make it a memorable night:

1. Clubbing – a bit obvious but still a great way to spend your night. Usually, even though you have planned something else, you very often end up there anyway.

2. Interactive theatre – extraordinary and engaging shows are the newest trend of spending your Hen/Stag party. It is an active, physical relationship between audience and production, which often contains a site-specific venue around which the audience moves freely.

3. Paintball – more and more popular way of spending your night. Well known among men, because of the amount of the adrenalin you get during the game and the fact that afterwards boys go to the pub and chat about the headshots and amount of flags captured during the game. Surprisingly, paintball is ranked very high among women as an idea of spending their Hen night, as apparently it helps them through away all the stress they keep inside because of the upcoming wedding.

4. Zorb Football – playing football in a bubble doesn’t have much to do with the premier league but bumping into your friends in giant inflatable balls really is a great fun. Spending your Hen/Stag party participating in sport competitions is a good way of escaping for one moment from the whole wedding preparation grind.

5. Pampering – not a fan of sports? Go to the opposite extreme with a spa break. A quiet way of spending your Hen/Stag night takes away your nerves and relaxes you before the big day.

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