Driver H2S Form

Government document about which documents are acceptable.
DBS check must be at the Enhanced Level with Children’s Barred List check dated within the last 5 years. A Basic check is not acceptable. The check must list your company, not a previous employer, as the “Name of Employer” unless they are on the Update Service. The Children’s Barred List service check box on the certificate must state “NONE RECORDED”. “NOT REQUESTED” means that the check was not run and therefore is unacceptable.
Required when a driver has lived or worked overseas for longer than 3 months in the past 10 years. These reports will not always be able to be obtained, especially when the driver has been in the UK for a long period of time or when the overseas country is one where government records are difficult to obtain. records-checks-for-overseas-applicants.
In the event that details cannot be obtained, details of the reason should be included but acceptance by the school is not guaranteed.
One should be from the most recent employer – not a colleague and references cannot be accepted from friends or relatives. You would need to be able to evidence you have checked out the legitimacy of the references.
Email address is required for access to online training portal.

I certify that the information on this form is correct and has been verified by me and that I have no reason to believe that this driver would not be suitable for working with children.  I acknowledge that and/or the school have the right to inspect documents in support of this form.

Any documents provided to in support of this form will be reviewed and securely deleted in accordance with our Privacy and GDPR policies.

Most schools require a new driver to present to the school with copies of their documents.  This will be arranged with the school by following the submission of this form.

Drivers may not be used on Home-to-School work until this form has been submitted, any required documents have been reviewed, the driver has presented to the school (if required) and you have been advised that the driver is authorised.

If you have any questions in regards to the completion of this form, please contact us.