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Code of Conduct

Failure to observe these rules may lead to a temporary or permanent exclusion from the coach and fares cannot be refunded


Normal school rules apply and the authority of Prefects, Stewards and Senior Pupils applies on the coach.

Pupils must only travel on their allocated coach and passes must be carried at all times.

Should a pupil, on occasion, wish to bring a friend home or travel on a coach other than their own, tickets must be acquired in advance from the Main School office.

Pupils may board or alight from the coach only at the designated stopping places and in an orderly way without pushing. They must never approach a moving coach. They must not attempt to join or leave the coach when, for example, it is brought to a halt at other places by traffic conditions.

Tampering with any part of the coach or its equipment is forbidden.

Boisterous or inappropriate behaviour towards others on the coach or the public will not be tolerated.

Inappropriate behaviour or language towards drivers, or any attempt to distract them from driving, will not be tolerated and will lead to instant suspension from the coach.

Musical instruments, games kit and other property are individual girl's responsibility. Neither the coach company, nor Tormead School, can accept any liability for their loss or damage. Pupils should take care on every journey to make sure that they do not leave any property on the coach.

Seat belts are fitted on all coaches and these must be worn AT ALL TIMES when the coach is moving and pupils must remain seated. Standing or moving in the aisle is strictly prohibited except when boarding and alighting from the coach. THE WEARING OF SEATBELTS ON COACHES IS A LEGAL REQUIREMENT AND ANY DEVIATION FROM THIS RULE MAY RESULT IN PERMANENT EXCLUSION FROM THE COACH.


When waiting at the coach stop parents should park with consideration for local residents and not obstruct driveways and other access points.

In the morning coaches will leave promptly per the published timetables. It is therefore essential that girls arrive in good time, at least 5 minutes, before the stated departure time.

Please ensure that pupils have an approved procedure to follow in emergencies. This could be pupils returning home or travelling to school in some other way perhaps with a sibling or other responsible pupil on the same route. At all times the overriding consideration should be safety and for this reason it may be appropriate for pupils to have emergency funds carry a mobile phone or know how to use public telephones. It is also advisable that pupils carry the School office number with them – 01483 575 101

The termly cost of the service will be charged in advance to your fee account for Full-Time and Part-Time passes. The cost of Ad-hoc passes will be added in arrears each term to your fee statement. Should you wish to change or cease using the coach service, then the terms and conditions require a full term's written notice or a term's coach fee will become payable in lieu.