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  • 1. Question not answered here? 
    • a) Get in touch 

      For queries or questions about a quote or new journey:

      Speak to our travel experts on 0203 397 4460 (option 1) or email [email protected]


      For assistance or amendments to a booking you have made with us or an ongoing journey: 

      Speak to our friendly Operations teams on 0203 397 4460 (option 2) or email [email protected]

  • 2. Planning your journey 
    • a) How much time should I allow for my journey? 

      There are many factors that affect the amount of time a journey can take. Below are some of the most common, with our recommendations. If you're unsure, however, the best thing to do is give us a call as early as possible to discuss things.

      Loading times

      It surprises many people just how much time it can take to get a group of 20 or more onto a vehicle. We recommend you allow around 20 minutes for loading your group (more if you're travelling with luggage) as well as the possibility of people turning up late to the pick-up point. N.B. Please do not assume you're driver will be at the pick-up point before departure time as they may be delayed coming from a previous job. If you are allowing for loading time, make sure this is accommodated by ensuring your departure time is 20 mins earlier than planned.

      Travelling with young children

      If you're travelling with children who require car seats, we suggest you leave extra time for the fitting of these seats (it is often not possible for the driver to have them fitted prior to arrival at the pick-up). We also ask that passengers provide their own car seats to avoid disappointment on the day. Please leave 15 mins fitting time for car seats at the start of your journey.


      If you're travelling with oversized/large amounts of luggage, specialist sporting equipment or musical instruments please bear in mind that these can take a while to be loaded onto the vehicle, especially if a trailer is required.

      Airport transfers

      When booking journeys to or from airports to connect with flights, always leave extra time for delays due to traffic, customs & security and late flights. Please also provide us with your flight number, so that we can monitor your booking and compensate for delays. We recommend you book your vehicle to arrive roughly 40 mins after your plane lands to allow for the time taken to complete security and baggage reclaim.

      Traffic & time of day/rush hour

      Unfortunately, Britain's road network can get congested especially during the morning and evening rush hours. Please take these into account when you are estimating your arrival time. Arrange to depart early to allow for traffic jams along the route or the small possibility of the driver getting stuck in a jam on his/her way to you.

      Suitable roads

      Coaches are large vehicles with wide turning circles which limits their movements on narrow and winding roads. Whilst this does not often pose a problem to our clients, we would like to suggest that you bear this in mind if, for example you are organising a trip to a remote or woodland activity such as paintball or BMXing. Please check with your destination and our teams to make sure the driver is aware of any potential difficulties in advance.

      Speed limits

      Coaches and minibuses are required by law not to exceed 50mph on single carriageways and 60mph on dual carriageways. If you're coach or minibus has a trailer attached it may not exceed 60mph on the motorway, either. Vehicles with more than 8 seats are classified as Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) and are fitted with speed limiters, usually meaning that they cannot exceed 62mph.


      Although we will do our best to warn you of any events that might cause excess traffic or road closures along your route we do request that you have a quick look yourself and discuss any worries with your travel adviser or our operations team on 0203 397 4460 (option 2).

      Drivers' hours & mandatory breaks

      To ensure passenger, driver and other motorists' safety, coach and minibus drivers may only drive for a set number of hours before taking a break and may not exceed 10 hours driving time in any one day. The general rule of thumb is: for every 41/2hours driving time, allow an extra 45 minutes for driver breaks. Here's a table of the EU regulations on drivers' hours (don't worry if you are unsure about any of the below, our experienced teams will always take these safety regulations into account for you):

      Drivers' hours rules Working time rules
      • 9 hour daily driving limit (can be increased to 10 hours twice a week)
      • Maximum 56 hour weekly driving limit
      • Maximum 90 hour fortnightly driving limit
      Working time (including driving)
      • Working time must not exceed average of 48 hours a week (no opt out)
      • Maximum working time of 60 hours in one week (provided average not exceeded)
      • Maximum working time of 10 hours if night work performed
      • 45 minutes break after 4.5 hours driving
      • A break can be split into two periods, the first being at least 15 minutes and the second at least 30 minutes (which must be completed after 4.5 hours driving)
      • Cannot work for more than 6 hours without a break. A break should be at least 15 minutes long
      • 30 minute break if working between 6 and 9 hours in total
      • 45 minute break if working more than 9 hours in total
      • 11 hour daily rest; which can be reduced to 9 hours no more than three times a week (or split into 3 hours + 9 hours as often as desired)
      • 45 hours weekly rest, which can be reduced to 24 hours, provided at least one full rest is taken in any fortnight. There should be no more than six consecutive 24 hour periods between weekly rests.
      • Same rest requirements as EU drivers' hours rules

      Rest Stops

      Please also consider your passenger's requirements for rest stops - especially on long journeys.

    • b) What else might affect my journey? 

      Driver Accommodation

      On longer journeys, tours or overnight stays it may be necessary to book accommodation for your driver. Depots can vary in their arrangements, sometimes including it in the price and other times requiring accommodation to be provided by the passengers. We will always let you know which of the above options is best for you, so do speak to our travel teams if you are unsure or want advice.

  • 3. Which coach/minibus should I choose? 
    • a) What's the difference between your classes? 

      We have three classes of vehicle: Standard, Executive and VIP. Whilst not all vehicles within a class are the same we suggest you follow these simple guides in choosing your vehicle class:


      If you are on a limited budget or booking for a short school trip or shuttle runs e.g. between a station and event then the standard class is perfect for your needs.


      If you are going on a longer trip or require a bit more comfort for your passengers, we suggest booking an executive vehicle. Some of these come with toilets and other extras, however, we ask that you do not assume these will be included. Ensure you ask our travel teams to add these onto your booking to ensure a vehicle with the right amenities is provided. (You'll see these in the 'notes' section of your booking confirmation).


      If you're booking for a wedding, corporate journey or important event we recommend our VIP range that offers the highest levels of comfort and space. These vehicles are are typically top of the range and include many extras and amenities to make your journey more enjoyable. If you require any specific extras, please ensure you discuss these with our teams and they will ensure that we have full details of your requirements.


    • b) What size of vehicle should I choose to fit my passengers and luggage/baggage? 

      If you're travelling with lap luggage only, we recommend choosing your vehicle based simply on the number of passengers travelling. However, if you have large suitcases, sports or musical equipment you may require a vehicle with more seats. This is because some of the smaller vehicles in the UK do not have storage holds. If you are anxious about the amount of luggage space on your vehicle please let us know in the 'notes' section of the quote form or call us for advice and our experienced advisors will explain the options.

    • c) What if there are more of us traveling on the day? 

      We provide a vehicle to accomodate the number of passengers and luggage on the your confirmation email, so please ensure this is correct. If you require a larger vehicle for more space, please ensure the passenger numbers and 'notes' section reflect this. Please do not assume that there will be extra space on your vehicle for additional items or passengers.

  • 4. How does work? 
    • a) How do I get a quote for my journey? 

      To request a free quote, fill in the details of your trip in the quote form at the top of every page of this website or give us a call to talk it through with our experienced teams. We ask that you include your email address and phone number so that we can send you your quotation and so that we can check we have your journey details correctly. If you would prefer us not to use one of these modes of contact, please specify in the 'notes' section during the final part of the form.

    • b) How does the quotation system work? 

      Once we have the details of your journey, we search and compare available vehicles and prices at depots local to your route. We have a network of over 4000 depots across the UK so that you don't have to call up loads of companies to compare prices. When we've searched our network, we'll email you a price for the journey. You should receive your quote on the same day you enquire, however, during peak Summer season or if your booking is of a more complicated nature it could take us a day or so to find you the best price.

    • c) I haven’t received my quotation email, what do I do? 

      Sometimes emails get placed in the 'spam' inbox by overzealous email clients, so take a look there first. If you still haven't found your quote, it could be because we have the wrong email address or because we're still working on your quote. If you think this is the case, send us an email at [email protected] or better yet, call us and we'll be happy to update you on the progress of your quote.

    • d) I have my quote, how do I book? 

      If you're booking in advance, we'll take a small deposit on your booking to reserve the vehicle for you, and then later on you can make full payment. If you wish to make the full payment right away, or your journey is last minute, you can call us to pay off the entire amount. To pay, use the 'Pay Now' link included in your journey details in the quotation email or call us to make payment over the phone. If you click the link it will take you to our secure payment page. Here you can choose how to pay for your coach, whether you're paying the deposit or the full amount.

      To ensure your card details are kept secure we use the online Elavon secure gateway or PayPal and we do not store your card details anywhere, so you can be sure they're safe.

    • e) I haven’t received driver details by email/text 

      We usually send driver details to you 24hrs in advance of your journey. We do this so that we mitigate the risk of providing incorrect details should a replacement driver be provided at the last minute. We may provide your driver details earlier, if for example your journey is on a weekend or bank holiday. If you still have not received your driver details 12 hrs before your departure, please email [email protected] or call 0203 397 4460 and select option 2 (please remember to include your 6-digit reference number in all correspondence so that we can help you more efficiently).

    • f) How can I pay? 

      You can make payment in the following ways:

      • By credit card (online or over the phone) Visa, Mastercard, Amex on our secure portal
      • By debit card (online or over the phone) on our secure portal
      • Using online banking (please include your 6 digit job ref in the subject) - limited to advanced bookings
      • By cheque (N.B. we must receive all cheques at least 10 days before outward travel date)
      • Companies and organisations may be eligible to pay on account. Please call us for details.
    • g) Where do I send my cheque? 

      Please send cheques to Transport2 (UK) Ltd. SC House, Vanwall Business Park, Maidenhead, SL6 4UW 

      N.B. Please write your booking reference on the back of the cheque to avoid delays.

    • h) Which bank account should I make an online transfer to? 

      You can make a bank transfer to our account:

      Bank: Santander

      Account: Transport2 (UK) Ltd.

      Sort Code: 09-02-22

      Account no: 10 22 73 89

      IBAN: GB49ABBY09022210227389


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