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At we know that allowing children to learn in places other than the classroom can be extremely rewarding, but it can also be stressful at times. Often both at once!

Worrying about the logistics of a school trip needn't add to the stress. We believe that booking and using a coach or minibus to get you and the kids from A to B should be quick, easy, reliable and most importantly safe.

We ensure that all our vetted operators meet the high safety standards set by UK law for transporting children by coach or minibus.

Our travel advisers will help you with the planning process and our highly-trained operations team are ready to tackle any difficulties or changes to the journey you might encounter after your booking; we do our utmost to ensure everything goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Call 020 3937 5808 to speak with them or use the quick quote form to get a price and book a coach or minibus with driver.

Join the thousands of UK schools and institutions that use our service every year!

Our Technology

We’re dedicated to making school trip transport better through technology and we’ve developed two unique products to achieve this:

Find out how our TripBooker portal can improve compliance, pricing and admin for your school trips, here.

Or, read more about our revolutionary new tracking technology, SchoolSafe, that improves child safety, here.

For more information on our Managed Home to School services see our Home to School page.

The TripBooker Portal

The TripBooker portal was designed in order to make booking coaches for school trips both safe and simple.

The portal allows journey bookers and admin staff to:

  1. Login from anywhere and enter upcoming journey details
  2. Receive live prices from only preferred, compliant coach suppliers in a reverse auction
  3. View prices, choose a supplier and book a trip
  4. Generate invoices and run reports on all past and future journeys as an Admin-level user
  5. Review supplier compliance documents at any time
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Centralise & Simplify

All of your institution's bookings and invoices all in one place


Compliance = Trust

Your journeys will only be sent to vetted suppliers: check their compliance documents at any time

Expert Teams

One-Click Wonder

Enter your journey once and submit it to all your preferred suppliers at the same time

SchoolSafe: Secure Tracking Technology

Our SchoolSafe tracking technology was designed to be used by parents for Home to School routes but has proved to be a great addition for schools and parents looking to keep track of classes on trips.

By giving schools the ability to track vehicles via GPS and check when children have boarded the coach we help them to ensure pupil safety is as easy to control when off-site as during normal lessons.

Parents can securely track whether their children have boarded the vehicle via the SchoolSafe app which uses London-Oyster-card-style RFID technology, scanned barcodes or biometrics (fingerprints) allowing pupils to swipe on or off the vehicle at each stop. Available on:



Request A Demonstration

For more information or to request a demonstration of our technology, send us an email at [email protected] or call the schools team on 020 3937 5808