SchoolSafe Apps

Making the school run safer

SchoolSafe Apps


Our SchoolSafe technology integrates tracking and communication via a suite of apps for drivers, parents & school staff to safeguard pupils on their way to and from school.

We put full visibility of vehicles and passengers in parents’ hands in the form of a secure smartphone app.

This unique technology enables us to provide the safest and most advanced school run services in the UK and can be installed on your existing routes or as part of our fully managed solutions.

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  • Distraction-free communication as the driver app allows for safe, instant, one-way communication between drivers and our service delivery teams
  • Instant updates of delays or late services delivered by Push notification to the Parent App - meet your child(ren) at the stop at the correct time and minimise unsupervised waiting time
  • Follow your child's progress with messages when they board and alerts if they don't


  • Passenger tracking allows parents to confirm the time and location their child(ren) board or alight the service from the secure parent app (on iOS and Android)
  • Tracking options are flexible: Oyster-style RFID cards, scanned barcodes or biometrics (fingerprint recognition)
  • Vehicle tracking ensures parents, children and school staff are always aware of each vehicle's location


  • Data-driven - Journey data is recorded for review and reporting purposes, allowing schools to monitor usage and uptake
  • Improved timetables - Arrival & departure tracking means more accurate stop times for a faster, smoother journey
  • Faster routes - Journey tracking helps to identify bottlenecks and congestion points for more intelligent route planning

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