Supply Partners

To become a supplier and start earning revenue, please call us on 0203 397 4460 and press 2.

Interested in the supplier programme?

We are one of the leading suppliers of coach, minibus and chauffeur services in the country, with a range of websites generating bookings for both consumer and business clients.

Our websites, strategic partnerships with national suppliers in the leisure industry and corporate contracts generate thousands of leads and millions of pounds of business every year ranging from single coach or minibus journeys up to large corporate events requiring dozens of vehicles.

There is no cost to you for our services

So how does it work?

Our sophisticated computer systems record all enquiries and bookings from our clients, these are then matched against the information that you have given us, types of vehicle, geographic coverage etc., and the system emails matching jobs to you with a suggested price.   You can accept the job “buy it now” if you are happy with the price or “bid” if you want to offer us a different price.

You only accept jobs at a price you feel is fair

How do I get paid?

When you first start working with us, we will pay you in advance, once you are comfortable we will move towards our standard credit terms, which are normally 30 days payment by BACS.  This can be by stages, our finance team will be happy to discuss options with you.   If there is a very large booking we are willing to vary payment terms to help cover your up front costs.

All we ask for is a VAT invoice so we can pay you

What happens if there is a problem on the job?

We all know that on occasion things can go wrong, there can be a problem with your vehicle, the driver makes a mistake or the passengers are unreasonable.  The important thing here is communication, if you know a vehicle is going to be late or you have another problem let us know straight away, and we will try and help you.  If there is impact on the customers we have a standard table of compensation to stop unreasonable claims.

If at any time your driver feels that passenger conduct is unacceptable and puts either the driver or the vehicle at risk, we will ALWAYS back your driver’s reasonable decision. 

We communicate and work it out together

Is there paperwork?

We will ask you to sign up to our service level agreement, and send us copies of your Operators licence and insurance documents.  We will email you full details of each booking so you can use this for your worksheet, and need contact details for the driver or your 24-hour response number a few days before the job.

If we get a client complaint our customer service team will send you the full details, and we ask that you respond in two working days.

We keep it simple

What do I do now?

To apply as a supplier:

Call our Operations Team on 020 3397 4460 (Option 2) and tell them you are interested in being a supplier, and they will do the rest.